YES, I was able to lose my postpartum weight of almost 20kg with Lose It Nigerian.

This is my Story

I bought LIN when I got back from honeymoon because I wanted to start off our home on a healthy note.

I went from 70 to 60kg in the months after and successfully maintained it, swinging between 60 and 62kg.

Flash forward 2 years and we’re ready for baby. As with marriage, I’d heard a lot of stories about how easy it is to balloon if care isn’t taken so I knew to keep an eye out. That phrase “eating for two” is what they’ve used to scam women the world over and once I knew that it wasn’t true, I focused on adding a few extra calories starting in my second trimester.

Here’s the thing though, pregnancy doesn’t hear word like that and it comes with its own unique cravings. Mine changed per time, at first it was pepper so I answered it with peppery efo riro (minimal oil), then it was malt so I gave myself a daily limit (one maximum) and I didn’t buy a carton, so anytime I wanted, we had to go and buy and the time it takes was usually enough for me to gauge if I really wanted it. After this, it was mangoes, this one I answered fully, having up to eight on some days because we had a friend with a mango tree.  There were a few others, but I tried to tweak all of them to ensure I stayed healthy.

I also kept track of my weight by using the pregnancy program on the HealthMate app. Before belle entered, I ran three to four times a week, but I had to switch to walk/runs after based on my energy level and when running was no longer feasible, I switched to pregnancy workout videos on YouTube.

Cue baby’s arrival

I was 81kg when she was born (+19kg) and at this point, status quo changed and man had to figure out a new game plan so once the doctor cleared me, hubby and I started taking daily walks, they kuku say fresh air is good for the baby. Once I was able to enter the kitchen again, LIN meals came back on deck but with no limits. I also started doing YouTube postpartum workouts whenever I had a free minute. I started running again when my baby was 2 months old.

With this, I was able to lose 9kg in the first 3 months and at the 13-week mark, I did the 3-day cleanse followed by the Belly Blaster Plan, this took me down another 4kg.  Both these plans are low-carb so initially I used to get the shakes until I figured out that I had to eat on time, and not allow myself get hungry so I also incorporated extra vegetables and extra protein. I then started doing LIN meal plans (included with the LIN Guide) that had dishes I liked and lost another 6kg in 3 months to reach my target weight of 64kg.

I believe that LIN works for me because it’s not rigid, I’m able to make meals I like and I know what portions to take. I’m also now conscious of calories in junk food so if I want shortbread, I’ll first remove 1/2 then hide the pack (1 biscuit alone is 100 calories, sigh).

Long story short, what worked for me is conscious eating (you can’t be on LIN and not learn how to portion/weigh food) and keeping active

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How to use LIN for postpartum weight loss