I am Ronke Edoho. I work as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) during the day. I am also a Certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss specialist and the author of the Lose It Nigerian (LIN) books and plans. I am also the creator and owner of 9jafoodie.com.

I created Lose It Nigerian to help anyone trying to balance weight loss and love of delicious Nigerian food.

Of the many challenges I faced being a food blogger, nothing was as difficult as facing my weight battles. I documented a lot with several posts I have had on my blog like this one on 10 ways to lose weight with Nigerian food. However, it wasn’t until early 2015 that I finally decided to speak my truth and tell people about my struggle with weight in the post On Nigerian Food and Weight Loss. I started working on LIN since 2014 and released the Guide in January 2016.

LIN is full of delicious healthy recipes. Each plan is carefully designed and tested to ensure the best result.

LIN is not a diet; It is a lifestyle change. We do not leave out any food group. I have incorporated LIN into my weekly meal plans. My daughter and husband are on the wagon :)

Check out the LIN plans (The Guide, Belly Blaster, Cleanse) and let me know if you have any question.

In the language of my father’s people Ekabo (welcome).