How to Use The LIN Combo Plan for Successful Weight-loss

Yeiii you! You have selected the LIN Combo plan! You are well on your way to a slimmer you. Being on LIN is super effective, all you need is commitment to the plan. You will be amazed as to how well your body will transform after a short while. When starting a lifestyle change, [...]

By |2019-02-15T14:04:48-06:00December 29th, 2018|LIN|17 Comments

How to Lose Postpartum Weight with Lose It Nigerian

Lose weight After pregnancy with Lose It Nigerian Diet I have received loads of questions recently about losing weight with LIN after having a baby, and I thought it’s a great time to shed some more lights on how lose it Nigerian can be used for postpartum weightloss. So, how do you do it? [...]

By |2019-05-22T19:37:32-06:00July 9th, 2018|LIN|48 Comments

Nigerian Weightloss Success Story – Daniella’s Journey

  Daniella has lost over 20kg (44 lbs) since joining Lose It Nigerian God! Can I tell you people how proud I am of the thousands of women (ok ok and men) on the Lose It Nigerian plan? people are doing such incredible things and it makes me so so happy. I had [...]

By |2017-02-26T10:24:59-06:00November 22nd, 2016|LIN|2 Comments

Nigerian Weight Loss Success Story – Tomi’s Journey

  Tomi Lost 8kg on the Lose It Nigerian plan This beautiful lady is the proud owner of the natural hair salon Sisi Jacobs located in Kaduna.  She is one of the most motivated people I have ever seen on the Lose It Nigerian program, I greatly admire her commitment to the LIN [...]

By |2017-02-26T10:28:37-06:00November 8th, 2016|LIN|2 Comments

Nigerian Weight Loss Success Story – Seyi’s Journey

  Every now and again, I come across people who are so committed to transforming themselves that it blows my mind. Seyi is a warrior, her dedication and commitment is so admirable that I am too excited to share her progress with you. Like I have mentioned in all the Lose It Nigerian success stories [...]

By |2017-02-26T10:25:22-06:00October 20th, 2016|LIN|4 Comments
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