LIN Consult

LIN consultation is an appointment between you (the client) and our lead weight-loss specialist Ronke Edoho.

The consultation is 30 minutes in length.

Ronke Edoho - Lose It Nigerian

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who has hit a weight-loss plateau

  • Anyone with difficulties losing weight

  • Health complications due to excess weight – e.g diabetes, High blood pressure, infertility etc

  • If you have special dietary needs

  • Pregnant and required or trying to lose weight

  • Anyone considering weight-loss surgery

Benefits of a LIN Consultation

  • Evaluate root cause and triggers for weight gain

  • Recommend tools for reducing and maintaining ideal weight

  • Recommend best weight-loss options based on client’s needs

  • Address causes of weight gain and present solutions

  • Develop a follow up strategy if necessary and required

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LIN Consult fee is $50USD or ₦20,000

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