A Nigerian weightloss challenge for those who have failed before

Yes, that’s right. This isn’t a weightloss challenge for fitness pros, fitfam champions and those with all the will power in the world. This is a challenge for those who have tried and failed in the past.

The concept of the challenge is simple, for 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) we follow a pre-set meal timetable from recipes on the lose it Nigerian plans. For 2 days a week (Saturday – Sunday) we eat what we want as long as we eat in a way that is kind to our bodies.

The task will be for you to learn what it means to truly be kind to your body. What it means to truly take care of you when no one is looking, no one is breathing down your neck or telling you how to be. At the end of every weekend, I want you to mark down 3 things you have done to be nice to your body, that’s all.

To join this challenge, all you need is the lin combo plan. The cost of the plan is 25k naira or $55. Outside Of getting to join the challenge, you will also receive:

  • The Original LIN Book (aka The LIN Guide)
  • The LIN Belly Blaster Plan
  • LIN Power Cleanse
  • LIN 3 Day Cleanse
  • BONUS: 15 Week Meal Plan, recipes and ingredient list
  • Access to past challenges via Facebook Support Group
  • 12 months access to the LIN Facebook Group
  • Access to all challenges within the 12 months

This challenge will be hosted on The Lose It Nigerian Facebook group. There is a link and instructions to join the group with every combo purchase. There are also several links in the LIN guide to the group. Please follow the instructions and request to join the group if it has been less than one year since you purchased your plan.

If it is over a year and you would like to join, please contact the LIN team for instructions to re-subscribe.

If you prefer whatsapp, please send me a message (

Whatsapp is NOT FREE. It comes with additional fee.

I hope you join this challenge and learn to kinder to your body while losing weight.

Get The Combo Plan and Join Us