LIN Dress Down

3 weeks, almost 1 thousand participants, lots of water and plenty bathroom breaks later a winner has emerged.

Before I get into that I will like you to know the average loss on this challenge is 4kg (9lbs) which is incredible.

The challenge winner Iwalewa took the Vitamix blender prize home with a 11.3kg loss! I know, I am just as shocked as you are. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to lose that much weight in just 3 weeks.

Her result wasn’t by accident however she was 100% committed to following every single aspect of the plan from the get.

There were many other noteworthy transformations, everything from 3kg to 10kg.

At a point my life, no way  would i  have believed that eating bread, beans & dodo, white rice, jollof etc would lead to such great transformation. Nigerian food is indeed not the enemy and there is absolutely no reason to give them up.

Every single time we have asked “How likely are you to recommend LIN?” The response has always been 10/10 across the board.

Our final Dress Down Beta Challenge for 2019 starts October 13th!!!

Do join us! You will lose weight and learn some incredible healthy habits while you are at it.

I cannot wait to share your own transformation story!