LIN Belly Blaster


3 Week Low Carb plan

LIN Low Carb belly blaster is a great easy to use plan for effective fat loss especially around the mid section.

This plan is designed to support a sustainable healthy lifestyle without hunger, unhealthy supplements or starvation.

The plan is 99% grain free, added sugar free and perfectly balanced.

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How Is This Plan Structured?

This plan is complete with recipes, ingredients list with substitutes as well as weekly meal tables.

It is divided into 3 weeks with each week providing all details, recipes and ingredients required.

You also get a playlist of recommended exercises to target that tummy!


How Easy Is It To Find Ingredients?

You can purchase the plan and use it from anywhere in the world.

Ingredients are listed with substitutes that can easily be found where you live.


How Often Can I Repeat This Plan?

You can repeat as often as you like.

Start from week 1 again when you get to week 3.


Is This Plan Safe for Nursing Moms?

The belly blaster plan is safe for nursing moms.

We recommend waiting till baby is 12 weeks to start restricting calories.

We wrote a post on how to use LIN post postpartum.



You can get additional support at


How Do I Use This Plan?

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Eat your way to a slimmer you.

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