//Nigerian Weightloss challenge – $250 USD Cash Prize for Winner

Nigerian Weightloss challenge – $250 USD Cash Prize for Winner

My good people, how una dey! How dey go dey go.. lol. Just like that it’s almost October. Time is such a fleeting resource, I am trying very hard not play with my time these days. Old age don arrive, I need to be a responsible adult. In September, I could officially say I have a two year old kid and by November 12th, I will officially be in my 30s #tearsofegusisoup. Like 30 lohun lohun, that’s honestly the age I thought was old when I was in my early 20s. I got my husband to take some photos of me to mark time because I am sure I will miss this time when I turn 60… lol.

So in honour of my big 30 I have put together the most epic birthday bash in form of a Lose It Nigerian (LIN) weightloss challenge. This means you can attend my party from anywhere in the world. Whoop. So how exactly does this challenge work and what’s in it for you?


Challenge Premise

6 weeks Nigerian food based weight loss program divided into 4 parts

Part 1 – Week 1 to 2 (October 1-15) – 1 Winner (prize LIN Premium coaching)

Part 2 – Week 3 (October 16-22) – 1 Winner (prize LIN Premium coaching)

Part 3 – Week 4 to 5 (October 23- November 5) – 1 Winner (prize LIN Premium coaching)

Part 4 – Week 6 (November 6-11) – 1 Winner (prize LIN Premium coaching)

Ultimate Overall Challenge Winner – $250USD or ₦60,000

*Selection for winning will be based on a combination of participation, commitment and weight loss. This means the winner won’t necessarily be the person with the most weight loss.


How to Participate

  • Download the Lose It Nigerian Cookbook (all meal plans provided are based on recipes from the book)
  • Join the Lose It Nigerian support group (only open to those with the book)
  • COMMIT (this is extremely important)
  • WIN!!


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  1. debby November 5, 2016 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    i just bought mine, still waiting to receive it though. i was told to wait for 24 hours. lol, i wonder if there will be another challenge this month. I hope to loose a look changing amount of weight by the new year. Thanks for your hard work Mrs Ronke

    • 9jafoodie November 5, 2016 at 8:41 pm - Reply

      Commit and the result will surprise you.

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