//Nigerian Weight Loss Success Story – Rosemary’s Journey

Nigerian Weight Loss Success Story – Rosemary’s Journey

Hello everyone! how are you finding the People Losing It Nigerian Series so far? I have heard from several of you and I am do glad the stories are inspiring people to make life changing choices about their health.

Losing weight is honestly not complicated, you just have to separate what actually works from all the noise. There isn’t a singular channel to weight loss, you can do it a million and one ways. My advice is always to take it easy and use a method that will encourages long term maintenance. If you starve to lose a few pounds, it will simply come back when you resume normal eating. The best way to keep the weight off is to figure out a different approach to cooking and eating the foods you love.

Today I will be sharing Rosemary’s story as well as my Ultimate six day meal plan for losing belly fat.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a nurse,  I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada.

Tell us about the journey that brought you this far. Did you always struggle with your weight or is it a result of a life event?

I always wanted to be bigger growing up, I never saw being overweight as an issue. As a young girl, I respected the bigger aunties more than the skinnier ones. This attitude enforced my subconscious approach towards weight.

The journey did not start until my second year in university (10 years ago) when I took a  nutrition course, the class opened my eyes to the importance of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy life style. My Journey started then, I have lost weight at different points in the past 10yrs but I was never able to keep the weight off . Overtime whenever I lost weight, I would keep my bigger clothes just in case I gained the weight back. I was always looking back in a way.

Also the diets I adopted where just wrong for a Nigerian lady like me.

What types of diets did you try in the past?

You know the usual  eat salad, smoothie, low carb diet, starve yourself,  no African food (cos they are high in carb) kind of diet. I would lose some  pounds and then gain them back plus a few extra after 3 months of going back to basic Nigerian diet

Do you think it’s possible to lose weight on a Nigerian diet?

Yes it is, I have  and continue to lose weight on Nigerian diet.

How long have you been on the Lose It Nigerian plan and how much weight have you lost?

I got on this journey mid January when Ronke called me to test run her Lose It Nigerian weightless plan. I figured the only thing  I have to lose is weight . So far I have lost 20lb and I have gained lots of muscle and stamina from 4-5x/week bootcamp routine. I have to confess, I have not even been strict on the plans, instead I just choose to maintain a positive outlook while making changes one step at a time.

What has been your experience on the Lose It Nigerian plan?

LIN  has been great for me, what i love most is the different ideas it gives on how to prepare Nigerian meals without sacrificing taste. The program empowers me as a Nigerian lady with the knowledge I need to lose weight without sacrificing my native food. For me that is a big deal.

I do not see it as a diet really, it is  a tool for building a healthy lifestyle and excellent kitchen skills.

What  advice do you have for anyone on the Weight loss Journey?

  • Weight loss is a journey, we lose and sometimes we gain . The key is to never give up.
  • Whatever is worth having is worth fighting and paying for. My new lifestyle is costing me but I am happy I have made the choices I have in the past 6 months..
  • It is not a crash course, it is a long term commitment to being  healthier and happier.

The most obvious change for Rosemary is in her mid section. She has been able to lose a lot of belly fat and it’s not by accident. most women carry their weight around their stomach. There are certain things that are proven to help with belly fat loss. I have curated all of them into the ultimate 6 day plan for maximum belly fat loss. I highly encourage you to download my book to access the full menu as well as ask any questions you might have. If you are serious about losing your belly fat, this is one menu you definitely want to commit to.

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