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Lose It Nigerian (LIN)

The Most Affordable and Sustainable Way To Lose Weight On a Nigerian Diet

The goal of LIN is to make healthy eating a lifestyle. The LIN plans provide a collection of healthy Nigerian recipes and meal plans. You get the books, follow the recipes and guide to losing weight on a Nigerian diet stated in the books. You lose weight and keep it off! That simple!


Choose One Of The Plans Below To Get Started

Get The Package & Save 10%

With a one-time payment of $50 $45 or ₦22k ₦20k, the LIN Package Includes:

  • The Original LIN Book (aka The LIN Guide)

  • The LIN Belly Blaster Plan

  • LIN 3 Day Cleanse

  • 10 Week Meal Plan

  • 12 Months Access to Support Group

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Order Now – $45
₦20k – Naira Bank Transfer Information

The LIN Guide

lose it nigerian

This is the ultimate guide for weight loss on a Nigerian Diet.

The other plans are based on principles covered in this plan.

Still have questions?

Visit the LIN Guide Page for answers 

Order Now – $24.99
₦10k – Naira Bank Transfer Details

LIN Belly Blaster Plan

Lin belly blast

Tried, tested and proven belly fat loss plan.
If you need to switch things up and blast that belly, you need this plan.
Visit the
Belly Blast page for more information.

Order Now – $15.99
₦7k – Naira Bank Transfer Details

LIN 3 Day Cleanse

Lose It Nigerian Cleanse

The most amazing detox plan ever created.
If you need to reset your system, this plan is for you.
Get more info on the
Cleanse Page.

Order Now – $8.99
₦5k – Naira Bank Transfer Details

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What Is LIN?

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